Instructions are needed

I am at this place of wanting to do something in a different way. I am inspired by that old saying - "If you always do - what you always did - you always get - what you always got."

The construction business is owned by my spouse and our son -  in legal terms 90/10.  I TRY - that is important - TRY - to just be the book-keeping administration.  I am the financier in our home - all our household and business $$$ are intertwined - all debt is owned by my spouse and I.  I manage it.  I oversee it.  I keep the cash-flow flowing - what comes in gets directed to the payments.  I can work with what we have.  I only mange.  Now that I said  that, it occurred to me, we had refinanced our house in 2013 - in an attempt to consolidate debt. I have been going to college part-time since 2012 and have incurred government education loans in my name, so we agreed to have the mortgage company put the house equity loan in my spouse's name.  Ownership is still in both our names.

I personally get so excited by the potential this business can have.  Excellent work.  Creative solutions.  Kind and courteous workers.  They clean up after the job is finished.  All those things are a huge plus.  Areas that need attention - organization; use of time; responding promptly to calls, estimates, care of equipment, organization of supplies, working within a budget, planning for growth, being pro-active rather than reactive to problems, sticking to a schedule.  

My own focus has been my college degree.  If all goes as planned, I will have my degree in Early Childhood Education in December.  Woohoo!!!!  Will a 57 year old woman with a brand new college degree be able to find a job?  Well, who knows.  I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I also have a series of children's books that I am writing. . .still in the idea and storyboard phases . . . . .that have been on the back burner.  They are a dream.  A goal.  An ideal.  Maybe I will get them to a publisher.  Just following where God leads me.  I do not look at them as a failure - just something whose time has not yet come.  

Well, as I relearn my position in my marriage, I continue to work diligently on being the partner - and removing myself from the position of 'parent in a parent/child dynamic we had going.

What I had proposed - starting in February - each Monday morning at 9 am, our son - who is a top mechanic, too - will do weekly scheduled maintenance on the 3 business trucks.  It will promote at least two benefits - 1. being aware of the reliability/condition of our trucks.  2.  starting to have a specific schedule to make wise use of time/daylight hours.    Baby steps.  Tiny baby steps.

What else?