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I found this post on Quora.com and wanted to share on this forum.

Q.  What is the symptom of ADHD that you feel like isn't talked about enough?

Emotional dysregulation.
This is thought of as - temper tantrums, slamming doors, weeping uncontrollably, etc. It’s not - though it may present like that in some. For many of us it seems to be an inability to control the inner emotional landscape, which contorts itself to a set of rules that make no sense, or that bear any relation to what’s actually happening in the real world. So, it can be a really good day - friends, nice weather, nothing squatting on the horizon like a storm cloud, no worries, and inwardly I’m on a switchback ride from total existential despair through to skipping from cloud to cloud in soaring ecstasy, without any warning or control. This inner chaos ruins almost everything. I can crash into “take me outside and shoot me” levels of misery in a heartbeat. Or vise versa. Horrible day, rainy, cold, arguing at home, nothing to look forward to and then suddenly I’m walking on sunshine.
The regulation system is broken. The “select appropriate emotional response” system is mislabeled.
Also - feel everything with intensity. I don’t dislike I loathe. I don’t like I adore. I’m not curious I‘m blazing with interest and enthusiasm. I’m not disinterested I’m pierced by a savage kind of boredom that cannot be stilled, placated or distracted. The music I like is “everyone must stop and listen to this” levels of awesome. Ditto books, films, food, speakers, etc.
A years worth of emotion, every day.

And, as a result, relationships are tiring. Music is tiring. Fictional TV makes me angry - I seriously hate the manipulation involved, for nothing, just a made up story. Most tales of sorrow and struggle from other people shut me down. (If it’s something I can relate to then I’m a channel for compassion and love.) Poetry is amazing or so bad it should be burned. There are few things that occupy the middle ground. I love some things and loathe others. I rarely have indifferent feelings.
Social events are very tiring because the switchback ride increases in intensity. Few real connections are made with others, this is sad and very frustrating because idle talk, chat for the sake of making a noise - these things are anathema. I want to talk about plasma cosmology and religion and history and politics and philosophy and other real things which matter, and not (ever) ball sports, cars, anything to do with celebrities, whatever spurious nonsense the TV is serving up that day, what was on TV last night, etc.

The phrase Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is used in ADHD circles. Defined, broadly, as, “any hint or suggestion that someone is withdrawing their love and/or approval is devastating in impact, with sufferers frequently talking about how it has a physical pain as part of it. Like being stabbed through the chest.” This is one of the harder aspects of ADHD and it’s very real, very powerful and widely misunderstood. It means all relationships are a constant minefield. All. We perceive emotions, facial expressions and tones of voice way more closely and deeply than others. If an expression of annoyance, irritation, dislike, weariness, etc, passes across your face, or voice, upon seeing me, no matter how well you managed to hide it, no matter how quickly it passed across your face, I will see it and notice it. Most people do NOT like these things pointed out to them, leaving me with knowing that your real feelings towards me are negative yet forced to deal with your dishonest pretence to the contrary.