Interesting Read .....take it or leave it

I found this quite by accident and think it is rather interesting. I am sure there will be plenty of agreement /disagreement but that is what dialogue includes.......and I am putting this out there with this thought......marriage is a learning experience like alot of things are. Pre-concieved ideas come from society, family and personally....for whatever reason. In the most intimate of it any wonder how the challenges of ADHD cause so much havoc for both parties? It is very sad to see the "effect of ADD" left behind in my H's wake when he is out socially.....but I also believe that not all of him is "controlled" by ADD.......and this is where this article is interesting to me. I am not defending nor promoting the view given by Rabbi Schmuley.....I am still digesting a good part of it and not sure of my own opinion yet. not sure I did this's hoping the link works.