The other day I told my husband a new plan I had for finding a job.  He thought it was a great idea, but I could tell he was skeptical about the chance of me actually following through.

He was visibly stunned about an hour ago when I got off the phone and said, "I've got an interview tomorrow morning!"



Go get em'!!!!


thanks guys!

Yeah, he's happy.  I was pretty surprised too - since I just applied yesterday.

It's just part time, but if I put it together with all the other part time jobs I've got, we may just have enough money someday!!

Cross your fingers and toes y'all!


Didn't get the job :-(

Realizing now a major interview mistake:  I didn't hide the fact that I have small children.

In the rejection email the woman wrote that she admired me for 'my commitment to find balance between work while being an at-home mom'... huh?  My husband said they seem to be under the impression that I was making some kind of statement to them about being a working mom... I didn't, but I did tell them I HAD kids.  It's hard to hide such a huge part of my life... but i've got to do it from now on.


oh well.

I remember seeing an article in a magazine

that said it isn't illegal to not hire someone because they are a mother of small children. I bet nobody thinks they wouldn't hire your husband because he's got children.

That sucks, I'm really sorry.

gender bias.

Yes, that's so true. 

A colleague of mine in Europe had an interview where the guy asked, "How will you manage to keep this job while you have small children?"  She was shocked at first because this is an illegal interview question in the states...  she thought for a moment... picked up a photo on the man's desk showing his smiling toddlers and said, "Same way you do it, sir."

She still didn't get the job.