I'm hoping this is the beginning not the end

Hi, my wife and I have continuously had problems for most of our marriage of 11 years. We have almost separated many time because she felt unloved and alone. lastly I went to councillor to help me change my behavior. No effect, basically he said change or suffer the consequences. Last week she told me she was though of me not paying attention always off in my own world and took off her ring. I always thought I had ADHD but never thought this could be the root cause of my problems. Always feeling embarrassed and ashamed that I had fallen back into the same routine no matter how hard I tried. I thought I would get some meds for my ADHD and see if I would behave differently. While waiting for the Dr's office to open I googled "ADHD ruined my marriage" and I came across this link. http://psychcentral.com/lib/adhds-impact-on-relationships-10-tips-to-hel... Once I started to read it it was like a history of my relationship exactly. I have an app to see a Dr Thursday. I'm also about to read through the rest of the site. Anyway I'm hoping this will help me do better.