Introducing myself (recently diagnosed)

Hello. My name is Jessyka. I was recently diagnosed with ADD in June; I was prescribed Concerta and I meet with a therapist once a week to work on my issues. I have been feeling like things are getting a little better. However, its that time of year again-- College-- and I've lost that initial enthusiasm. The Concerta was "sort of" helping my symptoms. Each Doctor visit my psychiatrist has upped my concerta. Now though I have classes, and my work-study job, on top of being a wife. I have another Doctor's appointment on Friday and I'm hoping my Doctor will change my prescription because it isn't helping. I am having difficulties focusing in class, studying, and concentrating.  I am happy that I finally have an answer to why I am the way that I am. It's really disheartening to realize all your faults and to realize that progress can be slow.

I'm really working on how disorganized I am and my procrastination habit. The hard part is that my husband also has ADHD. He was diagnosed as a child, but his parents never had him medicated. Now he is in the military and because of the stigma will not see a therapist or psychiatrist. Because we both have this problem-- his being on the hyperactive side and mine the add w/o hyperactivity. The point is that we both have problems with organization, attention, and impulsiveness. Needless to say this causes a lot of issues. I think it would be better if he was in therapy, but he's not. He is getting out of the military May 2013 and I'm hoping he will see someone afterwards.

I am sorry for the venting. I am just feeling very overwhelmed and felt the need to find some other people in a similar situation. I would especially love to hear from anyone who is married to someone with ADHD.