Introducing myself (recently diagnosed)

Hello. My name is Jessyka. I was recently diagnosed with ADD in June; I was prescribed Concerta and I meet with a therapist once a week to work on my issues. I have been feeling like things are getting a little better. However, its that time of year again-- College-- and I've lost that initial enthusiasm. The Concerta was "sort of" helping my symptoms. Each Doctor visit my psychiatrist has upped my concerta. Now though I have classes, and my work-study job, on top of being a wife. I have another Doctor's appointment on Friday and I'm hoping my Doctor will change my prescription because it isn't helping. I am having difficulties focusing in class, studying, and concentrating.  I am happy that I finally have an answer to why I am the way that I am. It's really disheartening to realize all your faults and to realize that progress can be slow.

I'm really working on how disorganized I am and my procrastination habit. The hard part is that my husband also has ADHD. He was diagnosed as a child, but his parents never had him medicated. Now he is in the military and because of the stigma will not see a therapist or psychiatrist. Because we both have this problem-- his being on the hyperactive side and mine the add w/o hyperactivity. The point is that we both have problems with organization, attention, and impulsiveness. Needless to say this causes a lot of issues. I think it would be better if he was in therapy, but he's not. He is getting out of the military May 2013 and I'm hoping he will see someone afterwards.

I am sorry for the venting. I am just feeling very overwhelmed and felt the need to find some other people in a similar situation. I would especially love to hear from anyone who is married to someone with ADHD.



Welcome Jessyka.Feel free to

Welcome Jessyka.

Feel free to vent all you want. That's what we are here for. I'm not ADHD, but my husband is, like you, non-hyperactive ADHD. It's definitely difficult to maintain a relationship with him as things stand; I don't know how much different your relationship looks with the both of you having ADHD.

My husband is currently unmedicated and has also started college recently. He seems to have developed ways to study effectively, but finding the time to do it between me and work and other commitments is trying for him. He was interested in the military as well, but it seems that option is barred to him as he has taken medication in the last year. He used to be a cop and excelled at that, but eventually his tardiness caught up with him and he was let go. From the research I've found, ADHDers thrive off of stimulating (or adrenaline fueled) environments. You should stick with encouraging your hubby to seek counseling when he comes out of the military. It could be hard from him to adjust to the civilian way of life and have the ADHD.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hang-in there and welcome. You're still grieving over the diagnosis--that's totally normal--and give your meds some time. It takes at least three months for any medication to become effective. And if it doesn't help with the aspects of the ADHD you want to control, there are plenty others. My husband is supposed to be on Vyvanse and it works well for him when he takes it. I've read a lot of other ADHDers say that it works well for them too. But give the Concerta a good shot first.