Hi everyone! I just made an account on this website and I wanted to introduce myself.  I am a newlywed (married for almost a year), legally blind, 980 HD, 21-year-old woman.  I am also a student pursuing my degree in social work. I came on here for two reasons; first, to let you all know that you are not alone. My husband suffers from ADHD, and we are currently trying to navigate those challenges.  I can empathize with both sides; with the non-80 HD spouse, the anger, depression, frustration, hopelessness, self hatred, and hatred for your partner.  With the ADHD spouse; things I hear from my husband about having ADHD and the many challenges you face. I also came on here to know that I am not alone; to look at all the challenges you go through and to take ideas and advice from that. 

 I just took the “ADHD affect in depth“ Seminar, and I’m definitely taking from that.  To all who are struggling, I would definitely recommend doing that. The Seminar is wonderful at providing ideas, along with much needed help! 

 Please know two things; you are not alone, and your love is worth fighting for!