My therapist sent me here after about 8 sessions of trying to help me with various issues (with the main focus being an eating disorder) and all of our sessions being at least 75% of me talking about my husband. Every suggestion she has for tasks for me to work on come back to me explaining how that would work in my marriage environment. She has said, "He really sounds ADHD." over and over; but, I have poo poo'd it because I really haven't believed in ADD or ADHD ever.. especially when I see every other kid around me being medicated for it.

Anyway. I just got here today, read the first two chapters of the book and just a handful of posts in the forum... and I am definitely a believer in adult ADHD.  I have found myself saying out loud, "oh my gosh" over and over.. and I have actually busted out laughing a few times.. almost giddy with reading my story written by so many others.  It is eerie how the portrait of my husband is painted in every single post.  It is both unsettling and refreshing.

I have a lot of reading to do. I'm sure I'll have a load of questions. The big one will be, "Now what?"