Is it ADD or reality?

Okay, so 4 weeks ago (about) my husband tells me that he is miserable and if counseling doesn't work - he is leaving me.  2 weeks ago, he wants to sell our house and buy a new one together. He thinks that working from home rather than the office is a great idea - then he is reminded of when he did do that how unhappy he was to not have contact with others everyday. He wants to build a storage shed (really its a full garage) to have a place to hang out and put his "stuff" - but won't build his daughter a playhouse - he has a 3 car garage already plus storage at his folks land (where he keeps the boat, camper and snowmobiles) - the list goes on and on.  Here's the problem - I can never tell if it's him or the ADD that is driving his comments.  So I find that I am always erring on the side of caution - which of course isn't popular with him.  But honestly, if its a decision to be made on something big I never know if its the ADD and dreamer coming up with the ideas or something that would be really great for everyone. Honestly, I think we would be bankrupt if I didn't say no to everything (or most everything) that he brings up.  He, like many other ADDers, has so many interests that come and go that I have finally gotten to the point of where I just say "no" until I can have time to think it over and even then I KNOW that its not a good idea.  Does anyone else deal with this issue? How do you make it work?