is it ADHD?? the hot women?? or my imagination????

gosh,I am going to be blunt here,but I have been having serious issues here,and I need to know what it is that has my husband so distracted with these hot looking women.Gorgeoes women to be exact!!.I don't know what it is really,we have an amazing sex life,I am very attractive,so then what it is? I am soo overwhelmed by his attentiveness towards other women and especially the really pretty ones.

The beautiful lady in a hot(short) pants at the grocery,with tattoo,and amazing long legs caught his attention,is it too vogue for her to be dressed like that in the grocery?am I going crazy?I was upset at her for looking like that in the grocery.I found it to be too revealing for the grocery,she should be be dressed more appropriate and leave that for the night club,right? it was a bit too much for a Sunday morning.

I am not going to blame her though,it really was a matter of respect on his behalf that I was right next to him,and he should have known that,but isn't that going to upset any one that is next to their husband and they do that?

I don't know if it was his fault?the hot woman?or my imagination?or ADHD?