Is it ADHD or does he just not love me?

I need some advice. This is the first time I've ever posted, but I have been using this site as a resource for a few months. My husband has been diagnosed with ADHD. I am the one who tries to keep it all together. Six months ago I found out that my husband was pursuing several women via Facebook and one woman at work. I was devastated. After years of being ignored, cleaning up his messes, yada yada yada, he found a way to convince himself that I caused him to look elsewhere. I told him I wanted a divorce. When he realized I was serious, he changed his tune. He said he would do anything to save our marriage. I asked him to read Melissa Orlov's book, to go to counseling, clean up some financial matters, pay attention to me, stop walking out on me every time something doesn't suit him. My list was reasonable and I even wrote it down for him so he wouldn't have to remember anything. Fast forward six months later and he still hasn't done one thing on the list. I have told him I will divorce him if he won't do the things I've asked. He lost the list, but insists he wants to do everything I asked him to do. He swears he loves me more than anything. So my question is, how much of this refusal to do anything I've asked a product of his ADHD, and how much of it is that he is just full of sh{t? About once a month for the past six months I have reminded him that I will not allow my needs to be ignored anymore. We've been married for 10 years and they have all been devoted to his needs. I won't be ignored anymore. He actually left me two days ago because I brought the subject up again. He is mad at me for not believing him when he says he wants to do the things on the list. He acts like I am the unreasonable one. Who is the unreasonable one here?