Is it ADHD or Schizophrenia?

My husband was diagnosed fairly recently with ADHD, but upon speaking with a friend, we somehow arrived at an idea that perhaps schizophrenia was a more apt label. We looked at each other horrified and upon looking up symptoms of disorganized and simple schizophrenia, it seems to fit, especially with a peak age of 25 (he's 28 now, and things have gotten considerably worse over the years). However, a lot of the symptoms overlap. If there's been psychosis (hallucinations), I haven't been told about it, but my husband is very closed off from me and others. He does often appear to be viewing reality from a very different perspective than others and sometimes seems delusional (nothing bizarre, but he has admitted he is paranoid and feels as if people are generally unfeeling and don't care or do/will dislike him). It often feels like he has no motivations, including those for a job, or maintaining relationships with family or friends. He has little initiative and focus, and can be very short tempered. He is also a compulsive liar and addicted to porn (which isn't a huge problem in itself, but he will lie about it, view when he should be doing other things, and we will go long periods of time without sex and instead he will watch porn.  He keeps his living areas very messy and does claim that he literally does not see it. He has very little/flat affect (always) and mumbles a lot when he speaks. Sometimes he doesn't make sense, and he often misremembers conversations and events.


im honestly just very, very worried. We have a young son. I don't want him to shut out his son down the line, intentionally or unintentionally. I'm feeling helpless.