Is it advisable to suggest ADD to my partner who shows the signs?


I'm in a relationship of a year and a half with a man whom I suspect has ADD, or ADHD, it confuses me what might be most accurate.

Signs include hoarding/disorganization, risk taking, impulsive (showing in insensitive comments and other ways) RSD reactions to any issue I express unhappiness about in the relationship)....

We have continual difficulty with communication, and when I express my needs or limitations it seems to fall on deaf ears.  I do not feel I can continue the relationship long term on these terms, and wonder if it is advisable or not to suggest to him that he look into ADD as a possible explanation for the issues he struggles with.


I have been in continual self growth and self awareness during our relationship, and been open about issues I'm working on.  I need reciprocity but also tend to believe that approaching him with this would create another unbearable RSD response which at this point, I couldn't survive. 

Any advice appreciated.