At it again.

So what was an attempt to have a nice family outing at the club turned into pretty awful.  For whatever reason DH had an outburst with Son at the club. Son had no idea why or even really what DH said other than a nasty glare and the a few words that made no sense at all (like walking in on the end of a conversation (I was in Womens Locker Room changing). The car ride home was super quiet; I knew something was up but didn't know what. So we get home I head upstairs to empty out the  gym bags. Then I hear my DD begin to cry. Apparently, DH wanted the TV that DD had already been watching but he wanted to watch some sporting event.  We have 2 other TVs but he HAS to have the same one ALL the time and of course its what HE wants to watch). So he takes the remote right out of her hand and moves her from the chair and tells her to go watch TV somewhere else.

All of us are just tired of DH crap.  It is amazing how he has managed to seclude himself from everyone. In a house full of people - he is alone. 

Should be interesting how this weekend goes - the kids and I are leaving for the long weekend. Hope he enjoys "his time" - since he seems to want to be alone, well now he's got it.

I am so disappointed in how DH is behaving. I guess this is just him cycling; which seems to be picking up in intensity :( And still no indiciation that he is ready for any kind of help :(