Is it normal for an ADDer to cut you off for no reason??

I am divorced from my ADDer (my choice). I also have an ADD daughter, although she's not biologically related to my ADD ex-husband. She's the child of my first marriage. Neither first husband nor I have ever been diagnosed with ADD. But my second daughter, although never diagnosed with it, clearly has it. Her son has been diagnosed with it and the similarities are striking.

When I left my husband I didn't tell my daughter for 5 days. She works nights, and she's always either at work or asleep and I just didn't get around to it. He's not her father and she never lived with him. She was 25 when we got married. I wasn't expecting any kind of emotional or financial support from her. So she hasn't spoken to me since. I only found out from her sister why she won't talk to me any more. She never said a word to me.

My ex is the same way. We were friends before we started dating, and I miss him. I would love it if he answered emails and maybe we could talk on the phone once in a while. We went out to dinner and a play in January. As far as I could tell, he had a great time. (I know I did.) I don't want him back and I don't think he wants me back, but I find the fact that he won't return phone calls rather odd. I'd like to keep up with the pets I had to leave with him and so forth.

So is this normal for ADDers? Out of sight, out of mind? You are no use to me any more, so I'm not going to waste time talking to you? Does anyone have any input on this?