is it normal for me to feel this way??

So here's the deal--I have posted here before.  My DH of 15 years has ADD, both my sons are ADHD as well.  I am so overwhelmed and exhausted it's just not funny.  I have no time for anything, let alone time for myself.  Tomorrow night we are supposed to go to the Bon Jovi concert here in Chicago and I just emailed DH to find someone else to go because I am just not even remotely interested any more.  This week I have slept on the couch twice because of DH's snoring and restless leg syndrome, taken the kids to a water park for two days( hubby didn't come), scheduled a surgery for my youngest son and made all the appointments that go with that, did all the prep work it took to get us to the water park, did all the unpacking and laundry related to returning, scheduled the sitter for the concert, tried to figure out how to pay for the sitter and the parking for the concert, thought about how to have both kids bathed before the sitter gets here, what to feed them all for dinner and how to keep them entertained for the three hours the sitter will have them until bedtime and then thought about what Saturday will look like when we are both exhausted from the concert.  I should tell you that the tickets were a gift, we did not pay for them, and we got them almost a year ago.  It sounded like a fun event at the time, but now I am just so tired I don't even care.  All I can think about is how noisy it will be and how much more tired I will be on Saturday.  I should also say that we are in the midst of a foreclosure on our condo and I have cramps and a yeast infection.  Maybe too much information, but that's what is floating around in my head and boy oh boy a Bon Jovi concert sounded great a year ago, not so much now.  Is that normal?  I feel like I have just hit a wall.  Everything just seems like so much work for so little pay off.  The counselor I see with the kids keeps saying "oh, you need a vacation on your own".  How will that help???  The amount of work it would take to plan that and then undo and redo everything when I got back would not be worth it.