It’s like having a little kid

Im so done w/ this. After 20 years, im so...bitter, annoyed, angry, fed up. Im overwhelmed every day. On top of it my teen kid has add. Chores not done or half ass done. Cant figure anything out on the computer or even try. "Can you print this?" "Can you email so and so?" Im a secretary? Scanned, organized 3 years of bank statements to get taxes done because he cant figure it out. Find me a doc, i cant figure it out! Intensive lawsuit case evidence, fell on me. Extra money is blown on his shit or big vacations we shouldnt take. Acts like a bratty, pouting, tantrum child. Harassing style of arguments that last 3+ days. Victim whining and involving friends/family yet twists it just to prove he's right. Narccism, oppositional defiance. I just want my own, new life. I have to wait til kid turns 18. One, inflation/finances, good luck trying to buy let alone rent that is equal or higher than mortgage. Two, he will totally lose it and make the process hell. To the point im a little afraid of his reaction. He says no one will love me like him. Really??? Thats what this is? Cause im a parent, not a wife. Are tgey sll like this??? Tgree serious relationships have been like this but i married this one!!! At least if kid is 18, no custody issues. Three, i want to move out of state. Hopefully kid will choose a college out by me but i wouldnt force him to. But i know for sure that no way would he want to live with him 100%. He sees how he can be. Now that im older, i dread future dating. Wth is left out there if im late 40s now?? Ill be mid 50s when i leave. But i AM afraid of dating/being alone by then. But i seriously cant stay in this "marriage". Im a mom, maid, personal assistant, tech person, financial planner, gardner, vet tech, nurse, insurance provider, and i work full time like i said, i feel like im stuck with a lazy, incompetent, selfish, abusive big mouth bratty kid. on top i hear nothing but my issues of being annoyed all of the time and snippy. That im a burden because i take life seriously and am never fun. Fun? Whats that? Im too f'in busy managing 3 lives!!!