It's 108 Degrees Outside!!! LOL

Yes, it's true.  You don't think it gets that hot in Oregon....think again!! LOL  I use to lifeguard in college and I remember these days.  Of course, I could just jump in the water to cool off and get back out again so it wasn't that big a deal with a pool at your disposal? LOL  I remember a day just like this when it hit 106 degrees.  I'm so glad I installed central air in this old house!!  I'm perfectly fine ....I'll be working the late shift tonight when it cools off.

This whole "creative flow" really really coming to light.  And this whole "Ground Hog Day" thing......planning everything down to the minute , over planning, plan plan plan......the life right out of existence.  No creativity......death and stagnation.....definitely, no flow.
Which brings me right to this place once again.  It's fricking 108 degrees outside ( at my house )......who in their right mind, would be working outside...if they didn't have to?  No one I know of......go with the flow.  Instead of working harder, work smarter......go with the flow...and go with what you got at the time?  So, if you plan everything to death...and it's 108 degrees what?  Turkeys butt?  If you live in Ground Hog Day.....then ground Hog Day does not account for things outside of your control?  Well,   can't do it is over.  The machinary stops and everything shuts down since....can't go outside of the plan....can't a different time?  Have to swim upstream, gotta stay with the outside the box adapting and overcoming and changing.  Semper Fi.....Hooah!!!  Adapt...and don't stop advancing on the enemy if your a Marine right?  There is no play account for the if it rains.....then you just don't go through with your plans? might get wet?  In Oregon....this is a complete joke. Ha!!  I see this all the time and it still makes me laugh.  I see people...dashing from there cars to get to the curb from the parking get back inside where it's safe.  As if the Sulfuric Acid...and if it touches if you will  dissolve or something?   "Ahhhhh.....I'm  melting, melting....oh, what a world what a world, who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness!! " LOL  I mean really.....that is my take on something horrible and you can't get any on you? It is just water...after all?

This is that flow thing I was mentioning.  To go..."with the flow" go down stream...not upstream...and go with the current?  You can flip on your back and just float long as you don't have to be in control and just allow the river to take you down stream with it?  So much less much less work...and so much easier.....when you don't have a "set structure" written in stone.  "

"So it shall be it shall be done? " LOL  "Well, where do you want this killing done?"

  "Do it down on highway 61"

" Well, can it wait until after dinner or when it cools off?  Why not?  I mean really?  I don't see a problem with that?  And it doesn't say "when" the Bible? Ha!!  I'm just kidding of course but there is a point in saying this.  What I'm saying is....having a flexible schedule thqt allows for contingencies and make it "easier" on yourself....allows you to get more done....still on time....if you can adjust and adapt acordingly?  I remembered this...from living at home?  It was like the entire Universe revolved around the "school week system.  It's a school day tomorrow....gotta stay on that institutionalized schedule....even when your not in school?  Like ...where does it say this?  In which "book" says that Mondays are Tuna  Fish, and Sundays are Meat Loaf? LOL  Talk about boring....and absolutely NO CREATIVE THOUGHT what so ever?  No spontaneity and no creativity what so ever....everything is "planned and scripted" right down to how you wipe you butt.  Not to be crude but you get my point.

I have to say, that I am very familiar with this.  At work in the was the worst enviroment possible for creativity and I had to be creative..since my job depended on it?  They expectedc me to perform and be creative...but "they" or the powers that be...did everything in their power to make that as difficult as possible so I'm use to that...and  found out how to do both at the same time and still perform...and sitll "appiece" the powers that be?  But that was at work?  Doing this...or living in that way at beyond rediculous?  I mean....whats the difference between Friday night/....and Monday night?  Oh......Friday is when you get drunk...and Monday is when you watch Football?  But of course....everyone knows that?

Being in that industry....I know a little bit of the History of "time keeping" devises...and they didn't even have such a things as an accurate "watch"...until two trains head on collided into one another...because the time keeping devises were that much off or out of synch with one another?  The "Rail Road Chronograph" was born.  In the 1800' what did poeple do  before that time...when they could "tell what time it was".  How about...the Sun?  And the only reason farmer didn't work at night...was because it's dark..and they can't see?  So what's the excuse now?  Nothing?  You can work anytime night or day..and still get the job done.  And the fact...that huge corporations like "Intel" for example...have established "flex time schedules" to meet the the vast amount of needs of all their employees...some with kids, some without..and some with all kinds of things going on...that change from day to day? Which they have spent millions of research on this...and by them....allowing their employees to work in golf shirts instead of suits and ties...and come in when they want within a range or time....they've created an environment, that is conducive to creative thought, and allowing the "employee" to determine what time is best for them?  And ....they don't do it because they are "nice"...they do it, because it works and it makes them....MORE MONEY!!! lol  There you go.....they go "with the flow"....and they, are one of the largest corporations in the world?  The bottom line....productivity.  They call this the "Humanist" managerial style....versus...the "pragmatic" style of managment and they have found the numbers don't lie.  If is the proven "better way to go" amd is a win / win for everyone concerned?  My brother in law...retired from I've heard about this first hand as well as studying it in Bussiness school as a model of plan ( strategy ) one day.....I got more done than I have in a very lont time.  I'm able to "enact" and take advantage of my creativity again and this is what was missing. which for me as an can image, that was a real problem?

Any way,  I just wanted to share on of my new discoveries with an entire plan of action which I am following through on.  This is so cool..and it related to this very thing and my wife...would never have gone for it since it did not fit "into Ground Hog Day.

I stumbled by a local buy and sell sight.....this thing called "Nomiku"..."sous vide" cooking.  I'll enclose the link to it and put it at the end here....but my thoughts along these lines go right into this as I said.  Working smarter...not harder and thinking about simplifying and reducing the "work...time..and yes.....clean up after wards"  so very very cool.'s WiFi controlled which means...oi can operate it remotely....from anywhere that has cell service?  It is the a pressure cooker on one hand...and "slow cooker" on the other....bit ot tales a fraction of the time.....uses no pots or clean up afterwards and you can actually get away stove or oven?  Your entire kitchen...could be reduced to this gadget, an idunction hot plate..and a hand blow do damn near anything?  No stove, no oven..and your entire kitchen could fit in one drawer..for everything? ) or almost everything?  and you can prepare everything ahead of time....and set it up to the push of a button on your cell phone?

So, when I saw this ad for one at 1/2 price brand new in the box.....and come to find it was a duplicate wedding gift for the seller.....that was a win win there too?  It was the opportunity...and seeing the benefit and knowing exactly how I will make that work?  But of course...I've been cooking for years and know how to cook...and I also know that restaurants have these things ...but they cost thousands of dollars until now?

Amd why, do restaurants use these devices to cook food for their customers?  Consistency, and repeatability....and time it take to get the food out of the kitchen and on to the customers plate...perfect every time?  That's all I needed to see.....I knew it...right when I saw it...instantly in fact?

And worst case scenario....if push came to shove?  I got it brand new for 1/2 price...still unused in the box?   I could sell it for more money than I paid....and it's the latest greatest version out there is an instant market for it.  No problem there?

If I tried to even explain this to my would have disrupted her entire being!! LOL  Just trying to explain it...l.would have thrown her for a loop.  Too missed your window of opportunity on that one. Along with all the thousands of opportinity, she misses...since...she doesn't look for them.....has no creative problem solving ability and is stuck in a rut in her head?  And wonders why she goes no where?

I know why?  You go no where in Ground Hog Day.....that's why?  if every day it the same....the world is changing all around you every single minute of every single hour.....then what does that say here?

If you are going to do battle with the world....then you better become a Marine.  Semper Fi......Hooah!!  LOL.....( and then some )  Adapt and over come.....and go with the flow.

And by the way....the Echo Dot II..from one of the best devises for ADHD....I can possibly think of?  As a "reminder devise" beats timers hands down.  All you have to do is "speak" doesn't get any easier than that.  I definitely, put that in the  "highly recommended" as an ADHD tool to help do the reminding....that is so's just stupid easy.....that's all I can say. LOL  I don't use it for all the things they claim....just for timers and works perfectly for that alone.  As long as you have cable or a cell's only $50 bucks.  Worth the price of admission works like a champ and is better than hiring a person to do it....and it doesn't give you any lip either? LOL  For what it's worth.