It's all my fault

My wife has been diagnosed wi OCD & ADHD. She reacts to any situation that in stressful for her. This is fine within our relationship since she is working on this in counseling and I support her. Unfortunitally she has found a way to blame me for the situation that created the stress ... Even if the situation is not related to me. I think I am "safe" in her eyes so it's easy to default her angerr onto me. She is having a moment right now ... Thank to recent support on his forum ... I am looking at her stress as real to her instead of looking at it in the context of ADHD. is this the right perspective or am I enabling? I want to stick up for myself but know that I need to lay back, roll with th punches and simply support her with sympathy ... Enabling? She is so beautiful and an amazing person - I become desperate for her smile at times like these.