It's Broken....Not!

Anyone else experience this?


I can't tell you how many times my H has told me that various things are "broken" when they're not.  Usually, he doesn't have them plugged in, or he isn't using it right, or some little thing is not set up correctly, so the item won't turn on.  


Within one day, H declared that three things were broken.  With each declaration he would look sternly at me and say, "it IS broken, you don't have to look at it."   Each time I would go over, quickly look the situation over, and figure out how to turn the item on.  With the DVR, it simply was the case that H had put fingerprints all over the DVD (which I've warned him 100 times about), with another it was his laptop, and he hadn't noticed that the connection at the "box" in the cord had come loose, in another it was with a lamp where the outlet is tied to a light switch.


What strikes me as odd is that when he reaches a "barrier," he gives up and declares it broken.  He doesn't think outside the box or try to find solutions.  No, he just declared them broken....and will loudly say that they're broken so that there's no need for me to look at it.


This morning we were driving a long distance in a rental car.  I asked H why he wasn't listening to the satellite radio (which I know he loves).  He claimed that he tried it, but it only has one station.   I went to try it myself and he gave me an annoyed comment that I needed to just believe him.  I flipped it on, went to Satellite I, and then turned the tuner and all the channels were there.  None of this is rocket science.  This was just basic stuff.  What the hey???  Satellite II and III also had a bunch of channels.


It's bad enough that H does break things frequently, but it's really annoying to have him insist that certain things are broken when they're not.


Anyone else have this going on?