Its me again

I am new here, and this my second post.

I have spent the last 2 months reading this forum, all the things people have posted could have been me and my 30 year relationship.

Since it has ended, I feel that I shouldn't be tying up anyone here because my relationship is over.

I have so many questions, so much I am trying to reconcile- maybe most of you have had that feeling...'Was anything real?'

So i am asking if it is ok for me to post here, in this forum, even on just this thread, about some of the things that took place...some of the actions on both sides and the ending few months.

I have been seeing a therapist through the VA for the last 3 years to unravel things in my past- the caveat is that she has reservations about Adult ADHD- she thinks most of the time Borderline Personality Disorder is mis diagnosed as ADHD. Just off the things I have shared with her, she thinks my ex is actually BPD and NOT  Severe ADHD like she was diagnosed as back in 2012.

Anyways, I think that is also a reason why i seek answers here too.

If I am not allowed to post here since I am no longer in that relationship, well other than we have a 17 year old son that lives with her, and he was supposedly diagnosed with adhd by his doctor, I will understand.