It's never going to stop! or is it?

My husband and myself click very well together.We have our Friday night out as a rule to keep our relationship healthy.Whatever it takes like dancing,etc.We are very good together.The relationship is very good for maybe 2 weeks then chaos again.I built my hopes on the weekends with him since that's really the only time I have with him because during the week it's very hectic for us,it's kids and work for me and work for him pretty much a routine.Well it's like that for everyone only difference we don't get to see each other very often during the week b/c we are not living together.The reason for that is a good one where we both agreed that was best.I am sticking with the plan while he loses patience.He is upset all the time I am not there enough,he wants me to come up and cook for him.I have no problem with his arrangements but the thing is he is a bully behind his demands.

It's the bullying I can't comprehend.I am not use to being controlled by and will not accept it at no time whatsoever.If he is having a bad day at work he wants to be alone then the next day he blames me for not spending time with him,It's like he don't know what he wants.He is very dysfunctional and depress most of the time and very very moody.I can't stand the fact the he has to be so hyper all the time.Like when we go to the grocery for example,he would pick out stuff and while doing so he is very jumpy and talkative then when he reaches the cashier his mood is completely different.It's almost like he wants me to pay for the whole bill.It's frustrating.When he does things like that it sets me in a depressing mood and then I would say to my self no! I am not going to let him spoil my day because he is like this or like that.I immediately snap out of it.

Tuesday of this week I called him around 4:30 in the afternoon,he answered the phone saying to me that it's his friends birthday from his work and that they are having drinks at a bar not to far from his work place but he is leaving shortly.I have no problem with him having a drink with his friends but I specifically told him that when he is please answer the phone when I call you so I would know when you are coming home because his phone could only receive calls not make calls because he never buys phone cards for his phone.WOW!!! I can't believe I just wrote that.I mean who does not have minutes on their phone?

well four hours later then he answered my call after I tried to call him like 10 times.I just brushed it off but sort to pick it up the next day after he sobered up.Next day he was having a bad day in work so I called again in the afternoon to tell him I am coming up to cook his dinner.He said "NO DON'T COME! I AM HAVING A BAD DAY AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO COME" I said no problem I would call you later.he said" NO DON'T CALL ME".WOW!! was I shock? no, not at all,but I was very hurt to know that he rejected me like that and I felt so alone and mistreated.Today he did not go to work well, he don't have work,his boss is securing the electrical and he gave all the employees the day off.well,he came by my cafe and asked me to accompany him in to town and I declined him.I told him that he just can't expect me to keep his company when he refused mines yesterday.I felt like dirt.pure dirt.

The weekend is here and I know I am going to be alone once again.I could deal with everything else but the unstable way of this relationship is surly getting to me once again.Some may seek all the thrills in the world.all I want is a stable relationship and love together with support.I don't know how long again I can continue with a dysfunctional marriage and unstable as well.It's always some problem or another that is about to occur.He would always brush me off very quickly when I address his bad behaviors trying to pin out mines when they are very irrelevant to topic in action at the point.He would start telling me after I try to explain to him that he just cannot answer his phone after 4 hours then expect me not to be up set,that I did not do this for him or that for him and completely try to throw off the real topic.hell the last time I did not answer my phone I found a girl in his apartment,so he knows that he should and he just plays games with me like that..Long story and it's on a next forum I posted so I would not go in to details.I am in the dark,hoping to see the light.