"It's okay, calm down."

The other day I asked my husband why he just couldn't listen to me when I pushed him to do something, and that every time he told me "it's okay, calm down," I could pretty much guarantee that there would not be a good outcome.

Today, he was putting off getting bloodwork and taking a drug test for a new job he's getting.  He has to take the test by noon today.  He went yesterday, found out he had to fast for his bloodwork (to get a new prescription for meds, which he desperately needs) and then made an appointment for 10 am today. 

At 9:30 he asked if I wanted to watch a TV show.  I asked about his appointment.  He said "it's not really an appointment, I can go when I want."  I said "why don't you go now and get it over with?"  He said "it's okay, calm down."

I say "this is exactly what we were talking about the other day."

And he put on his shoes and went to the appointment!