just cannot comprehend anything he does

Okay-brace yourself for a big vent.  DH is 49, unmedicated ADHD.  We have been married for 23 years, god help me.  We have two sons, ages 18 and 16.  We did a big splurge trip with each son with dad (I am a terrible traveler).  A few years ago DH and the older one went to Costa Rica.  The younger one chose Peru.  So-last year's end of the year bonus (before he got fired) paid for the trip.  Here's what I asked of him: don't take the child out of school for more than a day or two (this child has a hard time keeping up when he is IN school-let's not take him out) AND don't spend a lot of money on crap.  Anyone want to guess what happened?  Anyone?  Hands?  Well, he planned the trip to take up some of the child's spring break--GOOD--but he missed FOUR days of school as well--BAD.  And the "don't spend a ton of money on crap".  Yeah right.  They got home on Thursday.  Here's what came home with them: FOUR baseball hats.  They each took a hat from home with them, but kept forgetting them when they went out during the days and had to keep buying more.  Alpaca statues--FOUR alpaca statues.  WHY???  Sure, alpacas are cute, but seriously-I don't need them to be a big part of our decor.  FOUR.  Three handmade pouch-type wallets.  THREE.  All exactly the same.  I have a wallet, as do both kids.  Many t-shirts (those are okay).  An alpaca couch blanket.  Our couches are deep green with lemon yellow throw pillows.  The blanket they bought is brown.  Does not match at all.  Whatever.  A scarf for me (like one that goes under a winter coat).  The scarf is also brown with bright pink - you guessed it - alpacas on it.  My winter coats are black and navy.  A large Peruvian tapestry to hang...somewhere.  And every single serve snack they had on every flight.  I have a pile of little packages of nuts, shortbread, dried fruit.  WHY bring this stuff home??  Oh--I forgot--two watercolors, supposedly done by some famous local artist.  Unframed.  And the most head scratching item: a bracelet for DH.  It cost $50.  This thick black something with silver Inca crosses on it.  Again I ask you why??  We are not Inca and DH is not the least bit religious, in fact he told me recently he only came to church with me for many years because it was important to me, but he really doesn't believe in anything.  So why Inca crosses?  And maybe it's just me, but stupid bracelets on grown men who wear suits to work looks ridiculous to me.  He used to wear this cord with a silver arrow on it--a nod to the archery he used to do--that looked ridiculous on him too.  I realize how petty this all sounds.  I am not a clutter girl, hate spending money on junk.  Why purchase stuff that has no meaning AND buy so many items--4 statues??  Three wallets?  I don't understand.  The wallets in particular--all three are exactly the same.  I won't use one, neither with either child.  So who are they for?  I'm sure it's the impulsive ADHD thing--OH--THIS IS PRETTY AND CHEAP!  GET MANY!  But geez.  Grow up and get some control.  I know--if our ADHD people could grow up and get some control none of us would be on this board or stuck in marriages that are so deeply unsatisfying.  DH has a passive aggressive streak a mile wide, so I am sure there is some of that going on too--I told him to do something, so he did exactly the opposite.  So exhausting to live with.  How long do I have to keep the ugly scarf before I can donate it?  I won't wear it, but he may ask me about it.  A month?  Tomorrow?  Help me!!!

Okay--thanks for letting me vent.  Stupid alpacas.