Just diagnosed with ADHD by my Psychiatrist

Well , this explains a ton to me. At least I know now I don't have Alzheimer with all the things I forget I said or did.  I'm not one to lose things as much as to forget what I said or did in the past.  But guess what? My guy who I've lived with for the past 8 years never forgets anything I've said and trust me ends up to be the root of many of our disagreements.  He remembers my words verbatim. All I remember is how I felt at the time which never wins the argument.   Its the words that win that I can never remember.

Anyhow, glad I found this place and hopefully I can invite my partner to join in to and learn more about ADHD. He's never been diagnosed professionally like me but he has many of the symptoms of ADD himself, not that he has it.

6 months ago, he came to me wanting to get a separation because he felt I was argumentative and lacked in intimacy.  I didn't know there was a thing wrong and was happy as could be and now I'm a mess. We've been to 2 marriage counselors (on our third now) plus individual counseling.  I've tried cipralex, remeron and effexor anti-pressants but none worked and made me more hyper.  That is when I  I finally went to a psychiatrist who said to go off all meds for awhile and thank goodness as I feel more in control of myself now again.

Anyhow, I'm here, looking for support like most others are.

As for business, I'm a very successful in that area and love to work.  But in this romantic relationship I seem to suck and can't seem to fix it.

I will enjoy reading the other posts to see how others are coping and I am going to start reading tonight...