Just had the worst night ever!

SD arrived here on Thursday night for a 2 week visit. She sees it as a chore to come up here so she is never happy. She is glued to her phone and doesn't let it out of her sight for anything. She goes to the bathroom with it, sleeps with it and never lets us see who or what she is texting. H picked her up at the train station on Thursday evening and from the moment she walked in the front door, she didn't take her eyes off that phone. I want to take it from her and smash it into little pieces as I am so tired of there being no interaction whatsoever. She couldn't even say 10 words to me when she got here. Boy this will be a fun 2 weeks.

H took the day off yesterday to spend with her. SD was clearly not happy when I got home at 4:30 and they don't seem super happy with each other. She says he keeps hounding her to sit and watch a movie or play a video game or come outside with him and all she want to do is be left alone with her phone. She tells me she wants to go and do something fun this week as she is bored. I say "ok what do you want to do?" She gives me an exasperated "I don't know! I just want to get out of the house." Well other than me spending money on you at the mall, I don't think you enjoy doing anything else. Everything we do with her bores her to tears. We have a guest visit from about 5 til 6:30 and she is fine during that time yet doesn't really talk to the guy even though she was looking forward to him visiting and just sits on her damn phone rolling her eyes about how bored she is. After he leaves, we order pizza and then go to the grocery store before we pick up the pizza. She's copping attitude because she doesn't want to go to the store. She complains that we never do anything so here we are getting out of the house. She slams her bedroom door to go get changed and is still copping an attitude. She's pissy the entire time we are out and when we get back with the pizza she sits down and accidently knocks over H's beer. She just sits there. H makes some comment about how she can't clean up her own mess. She rolls her eyes. H is so sick of her on that phone that he tells her to put it away and eat dinner. She says no. He tells her again and she says no. He loses it and tells her to go to her room. Well the ****storm began. She started yelling at him about how he's not her father, he was never a father to her. He doesn't care about her and how she's always hated him, despised him, loathed him and starts throwing f bombs all over. He retaliates by doing the same thing. They are screaming at the top of their lungs and slamming doors and SD tries to throw a punch at H. He pushes her on the bed. I am so stressed out and go hide in the bathroom. The neighbor comes yelling if everything is ok and H tells him to go away. SD says she is going to call a cab and get a restraining order on H. 10 minutes later the cops knock on the door. I am still in the bathroom. They only stay a couple of minutes once they see SD isn't hurt and leave. The screaming and phone calls between her mother and them continue. Finally H tells me to just take her to Seattle where the mother's friend will pick her up and keep her until she can get back to her mom's the next day as she is not going to take a cab and she is threatening to go out the window and she does not want to be in the car with him. I take her down and she's crying and telling me how much she hates H and all he does is lie and I am just so stressed out about being in the middle of it that I just want to get her the hell out of the car and just remove myself from everything. Every time she visits it's stressful because I never know who's going to go off on the other one first, because there will be something, but it's never to this degree. H ended up punching a hole in the door and now we have neighbors who have heard yelling and slamming of doors and cops.

The whole thing was so surreal as I have never been witness to such a thing other than watching "Cops". I have never seen a 16 y/o child say such horrible things to a parent and be so defiant. She had a taunting response to EVERYTHING he said just to get the last word in. I am so embarrassed about the screaming and the neighbors hearing it and the cops coming that I don't want to step foot outside the house.