Just need to vent about my wife taking vyvance

My wife and i have been married for 3 years, but have been together for 9 years total. We moved to a different city 9 months ago and had a terrible move. The previous tenants in our house were "moving this weekend" for six weeks. So we ended up sitting in our house with boxes everywhere, with no jobs(and i lost the job that i had lined up bc we couldnt move in time for me to go to training), our kitchen was packed, so we ate a lot of junk food and gained weight, and we burned through all of our savings. We were both extremely depressed and struggled to do anything at all besides sleep. We started taking lexapro, and it helped with the depression, but it made us both tired, which then have us a lot of anxiety, bc we werent accomplishing enough. We went back to the dr to get some help for that. We had taken adderall in college and we both knew some of the bad side effects of amphetamines, but we got a prescription for vyvance anyways, we were desperate. At first it was great, we were accomplishing more and were happy about that. After a month or two, i started getting crippling anxiety from it some days. My wife was having similar days, but was less willing to be critical of the drug that she "needed." She also started falling back into an old routine. Sleeping in and not taking her vyvance until noon. Then smoking weed to offset the anxiety until she goes into a 4pm shift at a restaurant. In spite of me making her her favorite breakfasts and/or protein shakes, she would never eat more than a bite and later tell me that she "ate a ton of food at work." She would then hit the bottle and get hammered on an empty stomach before passing out until noon the next day to do it all over again. I got her to agree to go on a diet with me which included no alcohol or sugar (just meat and veggies mainly). I did this for 3 weeks and stopped the vyvance in the first week and started weening down my  lexapro. I was completely off of lexapro within a month after that. My wife was not successful with the diet and only made it 3 days without alcohol, and started lying about her alcohol consumption. It was as bad as ever. And of course she was nasty to me all the time while in this self destructive cycle. I told her that i was gonna leave her if she didnt stop taking vyvance. She stopped for a couple of weeks and hated me the whole time, but she started to get better to be around. Then she had appts with the therapist and doctor in the same week. They both told her that "she needed this medication" and that i "was wrong for telling her not to take it." She came home after each appt and used this information as a weapon against me. She started taking vyvance again immediately,  and its as bad as ever. Her side of the story says something to the extent of me not being supportive enough, and she is depressed bc her husband doesnt love her. In fact, i am disgusted by her and it is so hard to hide it. Me, one of the horniest ppl i have ever known...i havent tried to have sex with her in 6 months. I cant do it, it seems like doing a cracked out prostitute. Im just ready to give up at this point. 

Ps, she has gotten so drunk that she wet the bed 7 times in the past nine months, and my back constantly reminds me that i have slept on the couch too much