Just so done with it

My husband has ADHD and rage attacks, and today he pushed too far and I'm just done dealing. He decided to rage out (for no reason, really none) at our 19 year old son. Our son stood up for himself and husband kept pushing, raging, and eventually got physical. Yep, I had the "pleasure" of watching my husband and my child beating the piss out of one another.

My younger son (how I hate that he even had to be involved in this) and I pried them apart only to have husband continue rage verbal attacks and again get physical. And again we got them apart.

Then husband continued rage verbal attack until he said something EXTREMELY hurtful to my older son and my son lauched at him, so a third time pulling them apart.

By this time husbands BF arrived (I txted him as soon as it started, knowing it was going to be ugly and I needed help) and got between them, just trying to get husband to SHUT UP and walk away. He wouldnt though and even tried to launch himself at my son yet again through his friend.

I'm done. He's out of the house and I've been very clear with saying he is not welcome back until he gets help with the rage. I cant live with it. His verbal attacks have always been there, not always horrible (about once a year they are terrible) but to become physical? Its gone too far. I cant live with it, or him anymore.

I cant believe that ADHD can cause this, it has to be something else. Its just out of control. And I know he does not believe that he was "that bad" because he never does after the fact, even when everyone (including his best friend) is telling him that he was. I'm just at my wits end. He needs help. I'm done being that help. How does anyone live like this?

I think something deeper is

I think something deeper is going on with him other than ADHD. My ADHDer has no rage at all to the point where I scream at him to show some!

ADHD shows up different in each person but ADHD or not, your children should come first. Let me tell you, my dad kept me in an environment growing up that was very, very bad for me and although at age 18 he changed it, I still have a hard time forgiving him. Adults have options, children don't...even at 19.

His behavior is unacceptable and, once again, ADHD or not, get him the hell away from you and your children.


This isn't just ADD.  There is definitely something else going on.