Just tired of it. Thats all.

I am tired of it all.    We used to have a long thread here where you could just post your vent of the moment.  So I am doing that here.


I am so sick and tired of an addiction that keeps coming back and reminding me that I will *NEVER* matter as much as a game.  EVER.  I am looking forward to when things are just finished.  At least then I can move on and start to heal my broken heart.  Sounds like a stupid country song.   I am tired of being the only one who gives a damn.  I am tired of being the only one working hard at the commitment made.  I am tired of the fakeness, the lies, the deceit that comes with someone who is just pretending until some future date they have in their head.


Whatever.  I guess I am just tired of not mattering to the one who I should matter most too.  I am tired of the love and care that I give never being returned.