Just venting

Hi, I'm new, I'm female and I have ADHD. I've been married to the same man for over 30 years. This is supposed to be where we share what makes us angry, frustrated and sad. I don't know about angry but...Frustrated. My daughters told me that they think our house is gross, that they're ashamed to have people over and my youngest was teased because of the state of our kitchen. I'm doing my best to clean more and to try to fix up the place. But we don't do renovations. We had to renovate our bathroom and our living room when a pipe burst. We removed carpet after the dogs peed on it. We lived with a cork floor that we installed incorrectly for over a year before I him to try again. We aren't poor but we live like we are. Sad. I started trying to discuss the kitchen and he said that all I do is complain, I never do anything. Then when I said that I didn't feel like I could because he gets angry, he said its because I never finish anything. I said I felt sad, because I was hurt. I said that I didn't feel supported...and he misunderstood what I meant and said "Too bad." I got to hear how everybody has to live around my ADHD, how I don't appreciate all that he does for me, etc. He says that when he finally does get angry, I pull my "poor me" act. I'm sad that it sounds like I've been married 30 years to man who resents me. That makes me sad.