keeping it together: summer travel...

Hi Everybody!!!

I've been on vacation for a week, staying with relatives... Travel with 2 small children is always chaos - and when you're running out of meds, it's even worse!!!  I tried to get my prescription filled while in another state and even called ahead to make sure they had the generic adderall.  Everything was fine, except I got a call after dropping off the script from the pharmacist saying they wouldn't fill it because my doctor did not sign the prescription.  I don't think he ever does, actually... so... that meant driving an hour and going to costco and hoping they wouldn't notice the missing signature.  Much to my relief, they either didn't notice, or didn't care because I was already in the system.  Whew.

My relatives know about my 'problem' and some of them share it.  The NT's in the family think it's really funny though.  'Oh, what's the matter?  running out of your brain candy??  Don't worry:  I can just smack you upside the head if you start doing dumb $#!t."  Yes, I know they're kidding, but... I'm so, so, SO f*cking tired of the jokes at this point!!!!!

BUT - that said, the very guy who made that statement bought me a little voice recorder to help me remember stuff, and I have to say, that $#!t totally works!  Keep it on me all the time and the second i think of something, i make a note. Yay!

Hope y'all are doing well!