Klonopin for anxiety and insomnia?

Any one tried Klonopin?  My aunt takes it for insomnia and I read that it also helps with anxiety.  I have both and I am going to begin ADHD meds on Jan 31st.  I already have severe insomnia and I'm scared it'll get worse with medication.  Has anyone used this/had any luck with it along with ADHD meds?  Should I ask my doc to prescribe it when I go in to get my ADHD medicine?

Yep... Exactly the way I started.

I had bad insomnia for years, then I had an REAL stressful year which lead to bad anxiety attacks and when my doctor sent me to the Psychiatrist, he suspected ADD, prescribed Klonopin for the anxiety. Klonopin helped the anxiety immediately and helped with the insomnia too. I began Adderall after my ADD diagnosis and believe it or not the insomnia was better. Now I keep the Klonopin around if I'm having an anxiety moment (Not too often) and I'll take one before bedtime to help going to bed if I'm not sleepy when I should be.

Believe it or not, I feel better rested on 6 hours sleep than I used to with 9 hours sleep.