Knowledge is power


I Now  look in the mirror and what do I see, but a 46 year old man who has ADHD
Looking back at things now it all makes sense
As a kid I wasn't slow, stupid or dense 
School was something that really didn’t make sense all it did was make me tense .
Sitting in Class Listening I was bored Art & gym  only classes I  really adored 
I was charismatic and charming and had tons of friends
I was crazy and funny never sat still my Mom always said I had to chill 
I just coped with these problems Inside of me because No one ever heard of ADHD 

Sports was my thing, a Bat I could swing Baseball was my gift I played with ease even back then with ADHD .

As a young Teen Nothing I feared just needed my buddy’s and a cold case of beer  
I  did insane things that made mom wonder who is this boy so full of thunder 
I realize now that it was me just coping with is ADHD
Just trying to find A new  Thrill  I didn’t know of treatments and a little pill   
But through all the  years & dumb things I’ve  done there is 1 regret I wish was undone 
I was blind to fact that I had my whole life that 1 regret was Hurting my wife 
I am 46 now  with 4 kids of my own and without Casey I feel so all alone  
It took me seven plus years of not being aware but in my head I really did care  .
I have the problem it is in me I was not wired correct I’m so sorry Casey 

The fact that it destroyed my family & Me All I  can blame is this damn ADHD
Now that I know I am  relieved the only thing I wish that  my family won’t leave 

What I have learned in a short little time is all worth it for the Children of mine                                                  

My kids need their Dad to give them a good life even if I don’t have my wife

I promise to do the best that I can because I have always wanted to be this kind of man.

The past is just that it won’t be relived after 46 years I have received a gift

When you know it’s not only you many others have it and the same issues too 

The Trust & respect that has been lost will push me to learn no matter the cost

I sit in my chair reading hour after hour because what I am learning Knowledge is power

Some good with the bad has come to be but I will always be a man with  ADHD