Kudos to the men and women on this site

I just wanted to take a moment to give kudos and praise to ALL the folks on this site that are working so hard and diligently to better their lives, and the lives of their spouses and families.

     A special thanks to the men on here as well, who are loving their wives. (J, Curself, Adhd'er and others.....) I am also amazed by the strength and fortitude of many of the women here who have done incredible things, while taking themselves to the very limits of their abilities, yet they press on. 

     All, or most here admit frailties, weaknesses, and failures in their OWN lives, while trying to deal with any difficulties with their spouses. I am amazed by all of you, and THANK YOU all for being here. 

     A huge THANK YOU to Melissa and Dr. HALLOWELL for this forum and helping millions of people worldwide with their expertise and knowledge. Plus, letting all of us come here and bare our souls and lives.