Lack of Resources for the Non-ADHD spouse

I need help.  I'm the non-ADHD wife married to an ADHD husband.  I have to get out of the marriage.  Things are too far gone for repair, he says he's trying but nothing really changes.  Mentally, I'm a wreck.  Completely burned out and still expected to keep things going.  I've been hospitalized three days a few years ago for suicidal depression and last December I made an attempt.  I am seeing a therapist who keeps telling me that "me time" is a necessity for me.  I'm taking as much as I can but its not enough.  Even when things are going all right, I can't enjoy them.  The moment I start, he does something to ruin it.  Getting out is the only option  but I'm trapped by circumstance.   Neither of us have anywhere else to go and neither of us can afford to take care of the kids and house by ourselves.  I am not on speaking terms with my family and my friends don't even live in the same country.  The house is a disaster, so selling it will be horribly difficult.  We'd be lucky to break even.

Saving money is pretty much impossible; we are living paycheque to paycheque and still needing to go to the food bank to be able to feed the children.  I've tried accessing the social programs that my province has but they are overloaded and don't consider me someone that falls in their jurisdiction.  As long as my husband isn't beating me, they can't/won't help.  None of the counselling services I've been able to get a hold of are familiar with ADHD.  The one that people keep referring me to told me point blank that they can't help me.  Apparently being driven crazy by someone with ADHD isn't abuse.  All the other services have insane waiting lists.  And I'm not sure when I'll fall off the edge again. 

I'm really at a loss at what to do.