Laugh or Cry

This happened a few months before I "discovered" adult ADHD.  I got upset with my guy one Saturday-- who can remember why?-- and decided to give him the silent treatment.  Four hours later I ran into him in the kitchen.  He cheerfully asked me "How come you're in such a good mood today?"  I cried at the time, but now, understanding what's going on up there, I'm laughing. 

That is SO funny....and yet obviously sad too

I talk way too much to ever give anyone the silent treatment for long--who could ever tell that from my posts :)   So I've always announced the silent treatment for maximum effect but only half jokingly saying "Ok now you are dead to me!"  My husband used to always make up whatever he did so that he wouldn't be *dead* but then one day before our ADD diagnosis too I announced his death, and he said fairly seriously "GOOD! I really need a break anyway!"  I was shocked and horrified


There is a commercial for a new show that hasn't premiered yet, a relationship comedy, where the girl says, "You want to punish him? Don't give him the silent treatment. Talk to him! Talk about how you think you're fat, talk about your emotions, talk about your periods, talk about what you want to name your kids, etc." What you described sounds more Mars/Venus than ADD and non.

I'm so sorry, but that was

I'm so sorry, but that was laugh out loud fuunnny! It's amazing how clueless some people can be. I have heard the same thing from my dad when his wife was pissed at him. He would wink and smile and then pinch her butt! I'm sending hugs our way : )

The silent treatment

The silent treatment transformed my husband. I used to be a professional at it. Back before my codependency days and my sense of urgency to fix everything, yesterday, I used to do it just because I knew it drove him nuts. As time progressed, it seemed as if he welcomed it because it gave him space/time/permission to go out and behave however he wanted because I was "just ignoring him anyway". He never mistook it for me being in a good mood, that's for sure. :-P

We do just have to laugh sometimes...otherwise we'd have to believe that we're crazy. LOL