ADHD Wife has not talked in 2 months. How do I break this silence?

Hi All,

Question, my wife is ADHD and I'm not. We are married 2 years and just before Christmas we had a disagreement regarding my step son, which is sacred ground with my wife. Since then, we have not talked, she has been extremely defiant, defensive and we are seperate rooms of the house and at times I have stayed at my mother in laws just to get away. It's crazy, awkward and very difficult, not to mention confusing. This is the longest silent treatment so far and I don't know how to stop this. It seems she has gone into a sate of mind that I have never seen. I cant talk to her or do anything that wil provoke a discussion. She is upset and it seems I'm the enemy. She will not forgive me or lighten up, its the most difficult thing I have ever witnessed. It seems I have no leverage accept to maintain my distance for my own sanity. She works full time but leaves and comes home without a word. No thank you for Valentines flowers or nothing. I'm respecting her space (and mine) and I'm not pursuing. I would like to at least start a dialogue, but I have no clue how to get it stated without her screaming or criticizing at extreme and unecessary levels. I don't know if this will pass and get back to working on us, or if it continue until it forces a separation or a divorce. I do not want a divorce, I love her and we have amazing potential, but I have never been treated this way. I'm not perfect, I have some insecurities, slight possessiveness that at times if she is unable to control her emotions will take these the wrong way, explode with a flood of emotions and argue in ways I have never seen a woman go through, but these are qualities she was attracted to, but now, it seems they are the reason she hates me. Does anyone have advice or a history of a lengthy avoidance ?