Lesser of two evils?

I am a 42 year old male diagnosed with severe depression about twenty years ago.  I have tried most of the traditional anti-depressant medications and am now on Effexor.  After watching the show on thursday july 9th, I'm now wondering if add is not a more accurate diagnosis than depression.  I have almost all the symptoms as described by the doctor and my marriage is in a terrible strain because of this.  Could this be the lesser of two evils if it were add instead of severe depression? 

The Effexor has helped in some small ways, but I am far from having a normal life and qualitiy of life.  Furthermore, as I stated earlier, I am making my wife miserable.  Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, ideas or stories similiar to mine.  I would appreciate any feedback given...thanks so much for reading.

My husband has ADD and has

My husband has ADD and has been very addicted to some of the medication that they can give you to treat this (adderal). We went to more doctors than you can count, and come to find out Effexor is not only used for depression but also for ADD.
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Chicken or the egg? Or perhaps both.

Depression is actually very commonly linked with ADD.  I'm not sure if it's tied to neuroligical reasons (since obviously there are some misfirings in the ADD brain) or if it's simply a result of having ADD (dealing with ADD's tendancy to wreak havoc on your life, especially if undiagnosed, is no walk in the park). 

I would suggest you get evaluated for ADD and if you indeed are diagnosed you discuss the possibility of being treated for ADD independently and see how you feel.  If you still struggle with depression, I believe it is possible to take medications for both simultaneously and that may offer you the greatest relief.

Good luck; I hope you get things worked out!

***I feel that I should clarify something so that it is not misleading.  Let me rephrase the first sentence to reflect that depression and ADD often co-exist.  Additionally, depression is known to cause problems with memory and concentration, so it is also possible that your ADD symptoms are a result of the depression, just as the reverse is true.  Obviously an experienced professional is the only one who can make your diagnosis; it is possible that you may need to be treated for both, or, having the root cause treated may be all you need.  Again, good luck in your endeavors.




ADD and Depression

It's quite possible that you have both ADD and depression - they commonly go hand in hand.  Go get a full evaluation from a psychiatrist who is experienced at pulling these things apart, not just your doctor.  If you do have ADD, then just treating the depression doesn't get at the root of your issues, which may well be related to ADD symptoms.  You'll want to treat both things simultaneously.

Also, if you don't exercise regularly, take it up.  Break a sweat aerobic exercise is very good at both addessing depression AND ADHD focus.  FYI, Wellbutrin (another anti-depressant) is also used off label to treat ADD.

You may be on a good path here to help change things for the positive.  Make sure to follow up with a doctor and try to pursue it.  Also, let your wife know your ideas and concerns.  One of the best ways (besides initiating treatment) to start dealing with ADD is to start learning more about it.  Two good resources for this - Delivered from Distraction by Ned Hallowell and More Attention, Less Deficit by Ari Tuckman.

Best of luck to you!

My husband started with

My husband started with Claritin and is taking Effexor now also. Seems to be a good combination for him. I actually spent some time calling psychiatrists in our area to ask about their approach in treating adult ADD. I was not up for making appointments to meet with someone who believed that children with ADD grow out of it or are really only depressed or some other comment that indicated they were not aware of the latest information about ADD. Only one doctor was good enough to answer my question directly. I made an appointment. Thankfully, he's turned out to be a really good fit. It was worth the search. Best of luck to you.


How does allergy medicine help? That would be great because it's non-perscription.

Whoops! He's taking CONCERTA

Whoops! He's taking CONCERTA and he can only get a month's worth at a time because it's restricted somehow... I've heard it's sold on the street as an amphetamine...sorry! My mistake... Claritin stars with a C... like Concerta...


That's what I figured because that's what my hubby takes. Blame it on the look-say method of teaching reading. It sure would be nice if there was a way that something as common as allergy medicine could help ADD.

All ADD meds are like that, except Strattera. It's an FDA thing, it's classified the same way as narcotics. My insurance keeps trying to get us to get a 3 month supply by mail, but I don't think it's legal. It's such a pain to have to go back to the doctor's office every month to get the prescription.