Let ME talk!

Hello. My Husband and I have been married for 24 years. He is ADHD and I am not. I could write a book about all of the challenges that we have faced over the years lol, however I have one specific topic to post today and I am seeking feedback. My husband talks too much. A conversation usually entails me listening 95% of the time and then maybe 5% of the time I have a turn to talk. When I do have a chance to talk within the first sentence he is already interrupting me, interjecting with his train of thought or assumptions and without patience to wait until the end of what I have to say. I have tried in various different ways to explain to him that I'm frustrated because I don't get a turn to talk and that the constant interrupting while I finally have a chance to speak is becoming so frustrating for me. His response is usually frustration or anger when I say to him "stop interrupting me for once let me have a chance to speak. I have been listening and giving you much patience while you express all your thoughts."

 I'm looking for feedback and or advice on how to explain this to my ADHD husband in a way that he will understand. I would like to have a conversation without feeling on edge that when I do have a chance to speak I know it will result in me saying "can you just let me have a turn to talk before you interrupt?" He doesn't seem to see what he is doing has anything wrong.

I often joke and call him a chatty Cathy. Or I have tried to say I would love to have a conversation with you but it is not a conversation it is me sitting and listening while you talk at me and to me that is not enjoyable. When I say things like this it typically will cause an argument and somehow I am accused of not being supportive and wanting to listen to what he has to say. Yet I have been here and patient and listening to all of his thoughts for years. I appreciate any feedback of key phrases or different ways to word where I'm coming from when explaining this to my husband. Thank you