Letting Go ..What Is Work?

I have to let go.  My concept of work is so different than my wife's and we approach things so differently....I need to let go.

My idea of what is work...and what is not work?

If you don't break a sweat and need a shower at the end of the day...you're not working

If it doesn't hurt or you feel no pain.....you're not working

If you aren't sore and tired at the end of the day....you're not working

If your muscles don't ache and you don't feel the burn while you're working....you're not working

If you aren't wringing wet from the top of you're head to the sole's of your feet....you're not working

If you aren't ready to drop from exhaustion at the end of the day......you're not working

Work is work....and everything is just dicking off.

I realized when I made the comment that I'm not 25 any more (59)....that I'm fighting against losing my ability to work and I hate it.  But that's only because my perception of work needs to be modified.  I also realized that recently,  I felt like have never seen my wife...actually "work" in my opinion only because I have never seen her sweat when she works.  I do think however....there is something to said about the division of labor that involves sweating that needs to be considered.  Work that makes you sweat...is harder than work that doesn't.  Hard work, needs to be a consideration when talking about division of labor.  But I need to bring the level down...and give myself a break.  I'm not longer 25 any more and my expectations of my wife need to be lowered to an acceptable level along with my own.

I need to let go.

This video reminded me of this.  In swimming...our couch (very much like this) called them over and under's and we did them at the end of the work out which he made sure....if you had anything left at the end.......he'd squeeze that right out of you too.  It still amazes me...what you can do with the right motivation.  I think that part still applies even at age 59.  The satisfaction you get when you're done however....is incredible.  I think it can still be found...doing it another way?  What that is.....I have yet to find exactly?  Intensity...or....duration?  I think duration is the key when I'm considering this and pacing myself?  I was always a sprinter.....I think distance is a better goal and taking longer at this stage in my life is a better plan.

Letting go