I have a question for every single person on this blog.  How do you DEAL with the constant lying???  My husband will lie about ANYTHING!  When he gets mad at me he will take off on his motorcycle and not come back for hours.  AND THIS MAN IS 60 YEARS OLD!!!  It used to upset me to the point of tears, but that was decades ago and now I am usually glad to see him go because I have my own motorcycle and can do the same thing...but I am rambling.   When he comes back he will lie about where he has gone.  He will say that he "went by" someone's house, but it will turn out that he went BY this house on the way to a bar!  I found a half used bottle of "personal lubricant" in his tank bag.  When I confronted him with it he looked totally confused and said he didn't know where it came from.  I have no trouble believing THAT because he has no stinkin' memory!!!  I can deal with the disorganization and the lack of memory and (for the most part) the fact that I don't think he knows I exist, but the LYING!!!  THAT I cannot live with.  Somebody please calm me down.