OMG!!!  I am so angry right now I could scream...if I wasn't at work.  My husband decided to quit smoking, which I totally support.  He only started smoking again a month ago so its not like its been for 20 years or something (gotta love friends that encourage bad habits).  He knows that we don't have the money for him to smoke and to take our vacation in a week, he has spent almost half of what I had saved smoking. So yesterday hes going on and on about how he isn't even craving a cigarette and how well hes doing, for which I was supportive and happy.  Fast forward to this morning and when I checked the bank account to balance my checkbook ( I do it every morning, habit I got into when I worked for a credit union) he went ahead and bought a pack yesterday when he came to pick me up from work.  Gee I wonder why he wasn't having any issues!  The thing that pisses me off is he lied to me!!  We agreed on Tuesday that there was NO money in the account for cigarettes only gas.  When he gave me back the debit card he told me "see I didn't even buy any cigarettes and he gave me the gas receipt and not the cigarette receipt! 

Pair this with the discussion we had last night about how he feels he should be allowed to flirt with other women cause "its no big deal".  Really?.... cause his idea of flirting is asking them if he can "make out" with them, getting numbers, Facebook ids and then talking to them and telling them how he hates being married and doesn't want to be with me.  Keeping them "waiting in the wings" so to speak.

I'm beginning to think I may not be able to do this.....Im at the end of my rope!!!