Life with My ADD Spouse

Sunday at 2pm (in a restaurant)

Michael:  Oh, by the way, I need a ride to the airport in the morning.
Lauren: Um, would have been nice to let me know ahead of time. I have to work you know.  What time is your flight?
Michael:  I'm not sure. In the morning.
Lauren:  Well, what time do we have to leave?
Michael:  I don't know.
Lauren:  Well, I have to know because I need to let my boss know if I'm going to be late.
Michael:  Just drop me off in the morning.
Lauren:  Well which airline are you flying?  I'll look up the flight.
Michael:  I'm not sure.
Lauren:  You don't know what time your flight is or which airline you are on? 
Michael:  No, I might have the paperwork at home.  I think I need to be there around 7.
Lauren: So you just want me to drop you off for 7 and hope for the best?
Michael:  Yeah, should be fine.

Sunday at 11pm (at home)

Michael:  Jesus f'ing Christ!!!  I thought I had my flight info in my bag, but I must have grabbed the wrong papers.  These are fedex documents!!!
Lauren:  So you don't know which flight you are on or what time it leaves?
Michael:  Why, why does this always happen to me?
Lauren:  Can you call someone at work and find out?
Michael:  No, it's 11pm and the admin can't check her email and I don't know her number.
Lauren:  Can you text your boss?
Michael:  No, then he'll think I'm an idiot.
Lauren:  Well, we have to figure out something.  Let me look up all the flights going to Philly.  Here, I've found 6 options for tomorrow morning.  Just show up early and figure it out.
Michael:  Why me, why me why me??  Jesus Christ, why can't anything go right.
Lauren:  I don't know.
Michael:  Where is my passport?  I can't find my electric razor.  Have you seen my white shirt? 
Lauren:  I have no idea.
Michael (holding giant luggage):  I can carry this on the plane, right?
Lauren:  I think that's too big. 
Michael:  I hate my life.
Lauren:  I'm going to bed.  Let's leave at 5:30.

Monday (5:15 am)

Lauren: Michael, it's time to get up.  You're gonna miss your flight.
Michael: Oh, I texted my boss.  My flight doesn't leave until tuesday.  I had the days mixed up.
Lauren:  WTF!!

Monday (7pm)

Lauren: What time do I have to drive you tomorrow morning?
Michael:  It's a 7:15 am flight.  So, drop me off at 6:45.
Lauren:  I think that's cutting it a bit close.
Michael: No, the woman said if I'm not checking bags then I don't have to check in that early.
Lauren: Yeah, but there will be traffic and you still have to wait in the security line.
Michael:  It's fine.  Stop telling me what to do.  You're not always right.  I’ll just talk to someone when I get there…they will let me cut to the front of the line.
Lauren:  I think we should leave at 5:45 at the latest.
Michael:  Have you seen my passport?  Where is my razor?  Can I have money to go to Walgreens?

Monday (11pm)

Lauren: Texting Michael - this is an awfully long trip to Walgreens.  Where are you?
Michael: Oh, I ran into a friend.  We're having scorpion bowls.
Lauren:  Ok, but maybe you shouldn't stay out late.  You have to get up early.
Michael:  Stop telling me what to do.

Tuesday (5:35 am)

Lauren:  You need to get up.  We're gonna be late.
Michael:  We're fine, plenty of time.
Lauren: Come on let's go. 
Lauren:  You can't bring all those liquids on the plane.
Michael:  It's fine.
Lauren:  No, it's not fine.  Let me dig out some travel sizes and put them in a plastic bag.
Michael:  Where is my tie?  Where is my passport? I can't find my shoes.
Lauren:  Why is your razor in the laundry room?
Michael: Jesus Christ we're gonna be late.
Lauren:  Come on, we need to leave!!

Tuesday (in car on way to airport)

Lauren: Wow, traffic sucks, we're never gonna make it.
Michael:  Oh my god, this sucks, why is my life so sucky?  Why can't i get anywhere on time?
Lauren:  I told you we needed to leave early.
Michael:  I forgot you are perfect and I suck.
Lauren:  I guess so.
Michael:  That lane is moving faster why are you in this lane.
Lauren:  I'm not driving like a maniac to rush to a flight that we’re going to miss anyway.
Michael:  Just get in that other lane!!!!!  What is wrong with you!!!!  Make sure you get in the carpool lane, it will be faster.  Why are you in the carpool lane?  No we're stuck behind this slow poke!!
Lauren:  Shut up!!!!!
Michael:  I'm gonna miss the flight and be late for the trade show.  This sucks.  Why did my boss book me on this flight during rush hour.  It's her fault that I'm missing it.
Lauren:  No, it's your fault.
Michael:  Ahhhh!!!!

Guess who missed their flight?