Life teaches us the right path is never the easy one.....

What are the options for children and adults when they come to the realization that their day to day lives are being lived in a irresponsible manner?

1) Continue to ignore it. (This is as for as it gets for most who have no mirror i.e. (parent, spouse, teacher's, friends).

2) Blame and denial...(do all they can to turn it around and blame someone, make someone else responsible for their actions. This is the common results for those who do have mirrors, it gives them the illusion they need to be able to continue in this lifestyle with no convictions to change it, it allows them to feel good about themselves.

3) Recognize it, learn from it, accept it as theirs alone, work toward correcting it. (This is the painful process that allows growth and makes this person someone others can enjoy being around)