On the Lighter Side

I just had what I would call a huge success so I thought I would take a few minutes to share it with everyone.

In another topic I recently posted about pointing out successes as a common experience it seems (on both sides) as how this can be interpreted either good or bad depending on perspective and circumstances.....it was suggested I put my particular story under this section under "progress" I've made.

Without going into all the details of the story again....if you are curious you can go and find it (I'm sure) and it will complete this picture.

So today....I was back at it with the back pack blower and low and behold....the end result was the same being.....a bunch of debris ended up going under the back door of our deck and into the adjacent room. 

Without missing a beat I had an idea......I grabbed a towel that I had sitting outside on a chair, and without turning off the blower I entered the room.....put the towel up against the door inside the room that lead to the rest of the house and proceeded to go to town on not only the floor but the entire room top to bottom.  In less than five minutes I had blown off every cob web and every molecule of dust and debris, out from under and above every square inch of the room and right out the door onto the deck.  There is a fan sitting right next to the door which we had there during the summer months to keep us cool and with the back pack blower still running, I aimed the fan out the door to expel the smell of 2 stroke exhaust out the door all in the same breath.

When I was finished...I shut off the blower and stood in the door way to inspect my handy work.  I can say that the room and floor never looked better and I not only took care of any residual debris that  I had forced inside from blowing off the deck.... but I  improved the room 10 fold and did it in record time.

I'm calling this a huge success even though my methods were unorthodox at best. 

My wife has teased me many times about being like Tim Allen on the TV show "Home Improvement" and my response to her is always......ooh ooh ooooh

My wife will think I spent hours cleaning and sweeping.....that is unless she comes home early and smells two stroke exhaust in the house.

I'll just tell her I forgot and left the windows open. lol