A little ray of sunshine...

My husband and I have our issues. He has ADD (probably, evaluation still pending), and none of us has had any idea about how to deal with it. The last few months has been bad. Really bad. Then, the other day I bought the book "the adhd effect on marriage" and started reading it right away. I hadn't been reading long before I started crying. He of course wanted to now what was wrong. So, I had to tell him that I finally started to understand him. And that I felt really bad for blaming him for pretty much everything the last few years. He looked at me for a moment before he just started to laugh and said "It's a good thing I haven't been able to remember to stay angry with you then."

When we both stopped laughing, he simply said "I love you"...

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What a great start... I can

What a great start...

I can only wish my own wife had been as understanding when I was diagnosed.  Good Luck to the two of you, you both have a lot of hard work ahead of you.  This is a great place for getting advice and support from and for both sides.

I sincerely hope everything works out for the better.



I have always, since the

I have always, since the first time I met him 9 years ago, assumed he has add/adhd, long before he was willing to consider it himself. I never knew it would be this hard, but now I know there is hope. :)


Just lovely, that is how it should be.