Living in the Moment

Again, I am at odds with myself.  There is a funeral visitation for a good friend of mine's ex.  I don't want my DH to go along with me but he is insisting.  Why don't I want him along?  Because he will over-shadow my presence with his over the top "personality".  He will take my good friend in his arms and give her a total body to total body embrace, held too long and inappropriate for what the situation is.  He believes he is so personable and friendly and "in the moment".  He will use up the conversation time with how involved he had been with the couple even though it was my friend and he was invited along to the events most often.  He tends to see the world through his own importance and it is always out of proportion. It is my friend of 20 years who I want to spend some time talking with. I will be embarrassed, a little angry, and I will feel like the unpersonable one next to him because I will be embarassed and irked.  He did this with my niece last week - the total body embrace with a kiss too long (almost like the sailor pictures after WWII was over) while I stood behind and tried not to show what I was thinking.  I just want to be real.  I don't want to be invisible.  When I say something about this to him, he attacks ME verbally.  His "living in the moment" sometimes cancels me out.