Living Near Family?

Like many in this forum, I feel lonely and isolated much of the time due to my husband’s self-centeredness and unreliability.  He has indicated that he’s willing to work on his behaviors, but I know it will be a lifelong struggle for both of us (assuming we make it that long).  I am close with my family, but they live in another state.  I’m starting to think that the only way I’m going to make it in this marriage is to move close to my family.  I’m not sure my husband is ever going to be able to be present in our relationship the way I need him to be, but I think with the presence of other close family I could be content in our marriage.  We have significant financial and business entanglements in our city, and it would be tough to relocate, but life seems too short to be this unhappy.  I’d appreciate any thoughts/perspectives.