After finding the guts to finally end things with my spouse i feel the same way even after the separation.The loneliness is the same there is no different feeling where i thought that i would feel extra lonely.For the 3 years of struggling with the marriage i resorted in ending the abuse finally.

His abuse was very extreme and sometimes he would get so angry that he must have chased me about 60 count times in the last 3 years.After i realized that he has been cheating all along then i finally had that courage to move on with my life and happy to be away from him for good.I can't be with a cheater! this habit goes in circles..

I felt very alone all the time and being with him was almost like being with no one.I had that '''AH HA''' moment where i realized i am very much alone even though i was with him and now ever so more the feeling has not changed.

I do still love him but i am happy that i don't have to go through this pain and suffering any longer and vow to my self to chose my next companion for the future with caution.

I do feel very much alone,but i was always so no difference.