Lonely and sad..

I often sit at night alone, crying, wondering why this is my life. He says I’m important, he says I’m his everything, but when it comes to us spending quality time together, he has other things he rather do. He relies on me to lead the way in cooking, organizing our lives, supporting him through tough times and taking care of our son. And like the fool I am, I do. When it comes to my basic needs, simple requirements from a partner, or reciprocal love, it’s seems to be a foreign concept to him or often under the impression that he’s doing his part. He makes plans to spend time with me, then something more exciting comes up. He says he wants to be attentive and supportive, then finds it difficult to listen to what’s important to me... often resulting in him making assumptions on my needs and priorities which can be far from accurate. I no longer want to be in this relationship and know in my heart it will end or I will sign up for a lifetime of my soul slowing dying. How do I move past this pain? I have career that was put on hold due to our son having a weak immune system, no family close by, and friends who’ve slowing disappeared since being with him. I am grateful for my 3 year old son and being 9 months pregnant  (even though I was told I couldn’t conceive) and yet I’m overwhelmed with a horrible feeling of consistent rejection and loneliness. Is there a way out of this place? Is there even a slight chance of having a decent loving relationship with an ADHD partner? If you're still reading - thank you. It's nice to be heard.